Kolkata RomRoma

Born in the heart of the City of Joy, growing up amid India’s diverse culture and living among the creative mass, a few young people could not but come together and let their different ideas flow free!

These young persons decided to treat the theatre lovers with a gift – with plays for the mass, plays that need not scream morals, nor teach the lessons that are already experienced in life. They formed the theatre group, known today as Kolkata RomRoma. With children and very young adults as members, it is yet another quality addition to Kolkata stage’s new keyword – Youth Theatre.

Kolkata RomRoma decided to make this society a safer, better and happier place to live in, to make EVERYBODY FEEL GOOD. A blend that will teach, but not preach; that will entertain, while you rack your brain. They came up with a youth group- Kolkata RomRoma, named after their teacher, Late. Sri.Rama Prasad Banik.

Its a group that believes in discussing and debating over ideas, boosting the members to adapt or write original scripts, direct plays, plan the set and compose songs. Rotation is in practice to provide chances to all members to prove their mettle. The group encourages the free spirit to travel far away from this daily rush of grey, albeit mentally, and welcome you to the virtual world for a few hours. Its only aim: To Let You Enjoy Once Again The Wonderful Thing Called LIFE.

Kolkata RomRoma is a tribute to the Guardian, the Teacher par Excellence, who taught these young adults, many of whom were kids then, to live a life on stage. The group does not promise to set the stage ablaze, but wants to touch the souls of its audience and keep theatre alive, through every move it makes, every moment it exists.


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